Random Acts of Maintenance | April 2015

We’ve all heard of random acts of kindness, but Jim’s Building Inspections are at the forefront of Random Acts of Maintenance; an initiative designed to give back to the community, educating home owners with general maintenance skills, whilst also providing the professionals, tools and hard work needed to get the job done.

Teaming up with Keith “The Blockinator” (best known for his work on Channel Nine’s,’The Block’) and with the support of many other Jim’s divisions, Jim’s Building Inspections kicked off the very first Random Acts of Maintenance project; the 4 bedroom home of single Mum, Liana.

Liana’s story touched so many hearts, and the team at Jim’s were overjoyed to lend this single Mum a helping hand. Liana and her nine year old son have not only suffered through the torment of a violent marriage, but their once loved, family-built home also took elements of abuse. Smashed shower screens, broken door handles and dishevelled walls were a constant reminder of their painful past and their home was no longer a place where they could feel safe.

When the team at Jim’s discovered Liana’s situation, many members jumped on board Random Acts of Maintenance with the mutual goal to not only repair the physical damage to this family home, but rebuild a feeling of security, and teach Liana the basic skills needed to perform everyday household maintenance.

“If people don’t know where to start, you simply have to ask an expert. Someone like Jim’s Building Inspections, is the perfect answer”

– Keith, “The Blockinator”

The team got to work bright and early, with many different Jim’s divisions roaming the house and garden, digging, sweeping, cleaning, building, installing and transforming the painful reminders of Liana’s battered past into fully functioning and great looking spaces.

Before the team begun work on Liana’s home, there were exposed live wires, damaged boards, and many other hazards which meant that her son couldn’t even play in their backyard. Jim’s Building Inspections, along with Keith and the other assisting divisions, were able to help Liana transform this hazardous heap into a home. Many of these acts of maintenaince, including the installation of  security doors have provided her with a greater sense of comfort, knowing that she can once again feel “safe and secure” in her own home.

The level of team work displayed between the multiple Jim’s divisions was astounding, and the quality of work and professionalism was valued by everyone on site, including Liana.

“These blokes are all real proffesionals, they know exactly what they’re doing” says Liana.

Along side performing maintenance work for Liana, it was crucial to the team at Jim’s Building Inspections, that they also equip her with the skills to perform basic household fix-ups on her own. Liana felt these new skills to be “empowering,” and she was very impressed by the end result.


You can nominate yourself our someone else for a Random Act of Maintenance. All you have to do is fill out the nomination form and tell us in 250 words or less what problem in your house needs fixing. Problems can be anything from general maintenance issues to severe structural abnormalities…

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