Help to navigate a Hot Property Market

Don’t get rushed into a property purchase without knowing all the facts.

When the heat’s on in the property market (like it is right now), we understand the immense pressure felt by potential home buyers; the stress to make an early offer, to get in before auction day, and to make any offer unconditional.
One way Jim’s helps pressured home buyers is by inspecting houses before they are advertised for sale. We make it our personal aim to aid in the stressful home buying process, so that you can make a well-educated offer with confidence and reassurance.

The beauty of being able to purchase our reports is that you are informed on what you are getting into, and can therefore make a quick, sensible and unconditional offer. We also offer Buy Reports Online which allows some customers to buy reports which have been previously conducted, which is very handy if you’re in a hurry!

The property market is constantly evolving, and therefore we make it our mission to evolve with it. We utilise an industry leading iPad application that allows for fast delivery of reports which can be read easily and efficiently. Furthermore our reports are jargon and fine print free, which means all of the details are displayed clearly at your fingertips.

At Jim’s we provide top quality building inspection services, and ensure that we are up to date with all the necessities of the home inspection process. As heated as the property market can become, Jim’s allows you to obtain peace of mind and reassurance that you are fully aware of what you are purchasing. Not only do our purchasable reports provide comfort, but they also put you ahead of the pack, and make you the most informed buyer you can be.


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