Structural Inspection Report

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Structural Inspection Report

structural inspection report

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The purpose of a structural inspection is to provide advice to a potential purchaser or interested party on the condition of the structure of the property. A benefit to getting a structural inspection as opposed to a full pre-purchase inspection is mainly cost. A structural inspection looks solely at major defects like unsupported roof elements, illegal retaining walls and other structural defects like weakened chimneys etc.


Generally, a structural inspection is a pre-purchase inspection service, where clients want to be sure of the structural integrity of the property before making a bid. However, our structural building inspection can be tailored to suit a range of differing circumstances, including:

  • Assessing the condition of timber stumps and the associated subfloor structure
  • Inspecting pest infested areas and assessing any structural damage that may have occurred
  • Assessing structural damage that has occurred as a result of impact damage, water damage, general deterioration, etc.

Our structural inspection service is essentially designed to provide advice on the structural integrity of the property, and can therefore be adapted to suit numerous circumstances.


As with the majority of our services, our structural inspection service involves thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of the property, including the site. Additionally, where safe and applicable, inspection will be carried out on the exterior roof, the roof space and the sub-floor area.

Our structural inspection service involves:

  • Identifying any structural defects which pose immediate safety hazards
  • Identifying major structural defects which may require significant repair work
  • Assessment of conditions which may be conducive to the development of structural defects, e.g. excessive moisture in the subfloor area
  • Overall assessment of the structural integrity of the property

Additionally, we provide advice on maintenance and reparation works that may be required throughout the property.

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