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Building Inspections in Adelaide

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Building Inspections

A building inspection provides you with objective advice in regards to the physical condition of a building. The advice provided by this report allows you to make a well informed decision about whether or not to purchase a property and what maintenance/ repairs might be required.

As houses become older, it is important to note that the condition of the house is subject to change. For this reason it is crucial that you refer to the current building inspection report.

Building inspections are also carried out for an array of other reasons including new construction management, risk management, dispute resolution, insurance claims, compliance with legislation and regulations and to advise home owners on their renovation and extension plans.

To find out more about what our building inspection service entails, take a look at our Building Inspection Service Page.

Building and Pest Inspections

This type of inspection combines your standard building inspection with a pest inspection. The pest inspection process identifies damage caused to your home or building by termites & other pests.

One of our professional building inspectors will investigate the key areas and determine any pest related damage that requires repairing.

To find out more about Building & Pest Inspections, check out our relevant services pages:

Asbestos Inspection and Testing

Our professional local inspectors provide asbestos inspections in Adelaide and the surrounding areas. They will inspect your property and take samples of any materials they consider to be of potential risk, and conduct further lab testing to determine whether or not asbestos is present.

Asbestos testing can be conducted in 3 ways:

  • Visual Inspection
    A visual inspection is the first option and is recommended if you think your house may contain Asbestos (1/3 homes built in Australia do!)
    This involves one of our qualified inspectors conducting a visual inspection of your property, and identifying areas of high risk. Visual inspections are a great guide, however further testing is required for 100% accuracy in determining what areas of your home contain asbestos.


  • Visual Inspection & Testing
    This type of inspection is your standard visual inspection combined with testing and sampling. One of our inspectors conducts a visual inspection and takes small samples from any risky or suspicious areas, and sends these samples to a laboratory for testing. Once the results come back you will be contacted, and from this stage you can choose the best method of removal or encapsulation; we choose Jim’s Asbestos Removal for all asbestos removal services.


  • Air Monitoring
    This process is often undertaken when it is believed that asbestos fibers may have become airborne due to damage or renovations of some sort. Air monitoring can also be used to assess the level of effectiveness of the current asbestos management system in place.

To learn more about Jim’s Asbestos Inspections, visit our dedicated Asbestos Services Page.



What Does An Inspection Cost?

The cost of building inspection services vary slightly from state to state and within each state.

Whilst everyone seeks a cheap building inspection, this is not always the most cost effective option, as more often than not, cheap reports = poor results.

Multiple factors can influence building inspection costs, however the National Average Price of a Building Inspection Service is Currently $537 (July 2014)

As we operate nationally, completing hundreds of inspections per month, we are able to publish current price averages which are an aggregate of all services provided across all states and locations.  As at July 2014 the average cost of a building inspection by Jim’s Building Inspections has been $537 and has in most instances included atleast two inspection service types per sale eg. Building & Pest Inspection.

Some building inspectors will offer very cheap or high discounts on reports that are purely verbal. This is a very risky and less reliable method of retrieving a report, as these inspectors are often far less diligent. Additionally, it is much better to have a written report to refer to. For this reason you should always check their insurances and whether a form of pre-inspection agreement is offered.

Many building inspectors will offer cheaper building inspections when conducted as part of a package deal. Jim’s Building Inspections will package inspection services and if you don’t win at auction, Jim’s will extend discounts to repeat clients on future home inspections.

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What Inspection Type Do I Need?

Inspections are required for a range of reasons, but are most commonly ordered in the process of buying or selling a home. Building inspections are also often requested when a home has developed a building defect through either standard ageing, renovation or an accident of some sort.

In a commercial sense, building inspections for clients and for builders who are concerned about how construction works on neighbouring properties may effect a structure are also a commonly requested inspection. For this reason, Jim’s Building Inspection has a vast range of clients

Factors that influence which building inspections we would recommend include:

  • The location of the property
  • It’s age
  • General condition (well or poorly maintained)
  • Your plans (in terms of renovation or rebuilding)
  • The type and condition of essential utilities like electrical, plumbing and gas
  • Additional features such as pools
  • Any particular concerns you have from your preliminary inspection

What type of inspection do you require? Take a look at what our major inspection services are used for:

  1. Identify safety hazards and major defects
  2. Plan your maintenance and repairs
  3. Deal with problems in your existing home before they worsen
  4. Plan your renovation
  5. Identify any damage that has been caused by termites & other pests
  6. Identify potential asbestos issues
  1. Identify safety hazards and major defects
  2. Plan your maintenance, repairs or renovations
  3. Deal with problems in your existing home before they worsen
  4. Identify any live termite or timber pest activity
  5. Identify any damage that has been caused by termites & other pests
  6. Evidence of past termite or timber pest treatments
  7. Assessment of conditions affecting the property which may be conducive to termite activity
  • Asbestos Inspections-
    If your house was built before 1990, there is a likely possibility that your home contains Asbestos. If this is you and/or you are planning to do any construction or renovation, an Asbestos Inspection is crucial to the safety of you and your family.
  • Structural Inspection Report-
    This type of inspection is most often conducted as a pre-purchase inspection, as clients what to know the structural integrity of the house they are considering purchasing. However, this type of report can be adjusted to varying circumstances, including:

    1. Assessing the condition of timber stumps and the associated subfloor structure
    2. Inspecting pest infested areas and assessing any structural damage that may have occurred
    3. Assessing structural damage that has occurred as a result of impact damage, water damage, general deterioration, etc.
  • Apartment Handover Inspection-
    It’s important to note that in times where apartment construction is booming (like right now) there can be a reduced level of quality of the apartments being built. Our Apartment Handover Inspections are therefore becoming more recommended and necessary.
  • Dilapidation Report-
    It is advised that you have a dilapidation report conducted on your house if there is a likelihood of construction or demolition work on adjoining properties that may affect or damage your home. One of our Jim’s Inspectors will inspect your property before and after the construction process, ensuring that you are prepared for any legality issues you may come across involving damage to your home.
  • Pool Fence Inspections-
    Pool fence inspections are becoming more and more necessary, with NSW and QLD soon to be introducing new laws in relation to the rules and regulations of pool fencing. Whether you’re a private homeowner, landlord, tenant,  body corporate or strata company, it is crucial that you know your pool area is safe and compliant for all occupants and guests. This knowledge is also essential if you are buying or selling a residential property, as it can save or lose you money.


Once you have identified what type of inspection you may need, you can request a building inspection report from someone like Jim’s Building Inspections. If you are still unsure of what type of report you might need, or can’t see it on this list, visit our Services Page for our full range of services. Alternatively you can contact one of our friendly inspectors on 131 546, and they will help you get started.


What Do I Do If Defects Are Found?

If defects are discovered after an inspection is completed on your home, there are few options that follow:

  • Some of our inspectors have a rough cost guide available which will give you an indication as to how much the necessary repairs nay cost.
  • For an additional cost, our building inspectors can map out the scope of work and repairs that need to be done, helping you make the most financially suitable decision possible.
  • Being part of the Jim’s group, we work within a network of great service people. Our building inspectors can put you in touch with our highly regarded Asbestos Removalists, Pest Control Technicians, Plumbers, Electricians and many other services that you may require.Visit the Jim’s Group website to see the full range of services that the Jim’s Team offer.



Client stories

  • "I was really happy with the service I received from start to finish. Andrew was well-organized, arrived at the property on time, conducted a thorough inspection, answered all of my questions and sent a comprehensive report to me via email on the same day. Having a building inspection done was well worth the money because I was provided with a list of all of the potential problems which needed to be addressed with the property, many of which I would not have noticed myself. Very happy to recommend this service."

    April 22, 2015 by Marco SanInspector: Jim’s Building Inspections (Adelaide, SA)
  • "It was my first time building a new house and I have had issues with my builder throughout the process, but Richards’s inspection on the day, report of defects and general discussions have given me the peace of mind I needed. "

    Mar 23, 2014 by Tim BurtonInspector: Jim's Building Inspections (Lockleys, SA)
  • "I was present for the inspection; he explained any issues and the likely causes and who to contact to resolve the issues. Richard's report helped us renegotiate the purchase price."

    Jun 12, 2014 by LeighInspector Jim’s Building Inspections (Lockleys, SA)
  • "Richard adapted very well to our compressed timeline, provided a thorough rundown and follow up report that was instrumental in determining how much we offered for our house!"

    Jun 15, 2014 by Michael HillInspector: Jim’s Building Inspections (Lockleys, SA)
  • "I was so impressed with the way Andrew responded to me and assisted at short notice.  I was amazed at the report  that Andrew had presented to me after doing a pre-handover on my new home.I would not have picked up on half the things that Andrew did.It was money well spent and would recommend  Andrew to anyone."

    June 27, 2015 by Angela SpargoInspector: Jim's Building Inspections (Adelaide, SA)
  • "Andrew provided efficient, knowledgeable and thorough inspection of our property plus advice as to how to rectify problems which was invaluable. "

    May 26, 2014 by Anthea CookInspector: Jim’s Building Inspections (Prospect, SA)

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