What to Do After Building and Pest Inspections – Adelaide Property Pros Share Tips

What to Do After Building and Pest Inspections – Adelaide Property Pros Share Tips

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Perhaps you and your partner have decided that it’s time that you buy your first home. During your preliminary research about all the steps involved, you may have come across the advice that you should subject the property you are eyeing to a building and pest inspection in order to ensure that the property is indeed a good buy.

However, there are plenty of misconceptions about building and pest inspections Adelaide experts would like to clear.

One such misconception that many prospective buyers believe is that the main purpose of these inspections is to merely identify the problems with the property. But beyond pointing to those issues, these reports should also identify the severity of these problems.

The truth is that almost all homes have issues. If your goal is to find a property with a clean bill of health, you will be hard-pressed to meet that criteria and may very well end up buying nothing.

The report generated from these inspections should also provide you with an itemised list of the works and improvements that you may need to get done should you proceed with the purchase.

Ideally, you should use the report to help you better compare similar properties in an area and check how the property you are planning to buy stacks up against these. The report should alert you about structural issues that should be a key concern, what remedies have been done to correct this, how well maintained the property is, and how much you are likely to spend for repairs.

How do you ensure that you get the most out of these reports? Apart from finding reputable professionals to conduct the inspection for you, one of the most important things that you can do is to meet with the inspectors. The inspectors can then talk to you about their findings. Alternatively, you can talk to the inspectors over the phone. Once you get a copy of the report you can also ask your solicitor to look at it for you and give his opinion about the findings.

What should you do if the house has a few defects? Should you immediately look for another house to buy? Not necessarily. A good report will itemise the defects inspectors have found in the house. Then, the inspectors will tell you about the severity of these issues, what the measures needed to correct these are, and what the potential costs are.

Now, you can use this information during the bargaining process. You can work out a deal with the seller to reduce the cost from his asking price.

If you need a building and pest inspection, call 131 546 to speak with a local Adelaide inspector or get a free quote online.


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