Why Getting Asbestos Inspections (Adelaide) Pays

 asbestos inspections adelaide
Are you thinking of renovating? Buying an existing property? Renting? Or are you already living in your own home? If the property has been constructed and/or was renovated before 1990, then before you make any move, you need to seriously consider investing first in asbestos inspections. Adelaide experts estimate that the probability of asbestos presence is high if the property was built during 1995 to 1990, and more so if it’s older.

If this is the case for your property or the property you’re looking to purchase, it’s therefore important to keep in mind that the risk of asbestos exposure is present. Getting hold of the right information about it is a must before you make any decisions – and this information must only come from the experts.

Professional asbestos inspection is a non-negotiable prerequisite to determining the proper management practices you need to implement. No need to worry about this “extra” step hindering the progress of your project or investment. If you work with an experienced, reputable team, you’ll find the entire process to be efficient and informative.

  1. You’ll choose the type of inspection you need, or the team can make recommendations for you. It can be a visual inspection, an inspection with sample testing, or air monitoring (which is usually recommended if it’s suspected that asbestos fibres may already be airborne).
  2. The inspecting team will conduct the assessment as well as sample collection and identification.
  3. The locations where asbestos material was found will be professionally document.
  4. You will receive a report including pertinent information about the following:
    – Where the asbestos is located, its volume, and its condition.
    – Recommended management strategies according to the results.
  5. Depending on the results of testing and analysis, you may also want to schedule recurrent monitoring and inspections.


Investing in this essential process delivers the following benefits:

A solid understating of your situation. Acquiring organised, accurate and up-to-date information about the asbestos situation on your property allows you to make more informed decisions on your property investment.

Protection from health risks. Doing an inspection is the number 1 step in protecting building users and the community from the serious health risks that asbestos exposure brings. The effect of asbestos exposure to human health is well-documented. People who have inhaled fibres have experienced conditions such as mesothelioma, lung infection, lung cancer, asbestos cancer and other related diseases.

Cost and time savings. Imagine the unnecessary expenses, potential legal problems and other costs you may face if you have started your renovation, bought a home or opened your property for sale or lease only to discover the presence of asbestos when you are already in the midst of your endeavour. An inspection saves you from this unfortunate situation so you can do each step right and protect your best interests.




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