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Ballingarry Homestead in Clare up for sale


Adelaide’s Ballingarry Homestead, in Clare, Adelaide, is currently up for sale with the South Australian Senator Edwards seeking to offload it for a lazy $3million.

Certainly not the buying that our Family and First Home Owner can tackle but, it’s always interesting to see how the other half lives.

For all of its heritage charm it was built just in 1998 and has all the trimmings like a pool, spa, tennis court and you’d want to be pretty handy with a pair of shears. The place has 31acres of Vineyards!

So its reassuring that even Senators and experienced estate agents and auctioneers may not always get the home sale process right. The property was initially marketed in 2013 and withdrawn from the market before they had another crack.

Maybe this Spring will bring the Senator some more luck.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Adelaide’s property market, or even the best of Adelaide’s social culture and reno/ maintenance tips for the SA climate, check out our Jim’s Building Inspections Adelaide page.



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Photos & Information

Photos & Information

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Morphett Ville and Aberfoyle
go off the Grid


It’s among the suburbs south of Adelaide like Morphett Ville (5162) and Aberfoyle (5159), that solar electricity generation is being embraced. It appears that households in regional cities and outer suburban locations are leading the way in the installation of solar panels on roof tops.
This is in stark contrast to the idea that roof top solar systems are embraced by inner city elites. Furthermore analysis by The Australian Financial Review found that seven out of the top ten national postcodes for solar installation had mean weekly household incomes below the national average of $1234.

So what happens when Adelaide homeowners embrace the sunshine to cut their power bills? Non solar households end up subsidising those who take on solar because the utility companies still need to share out the cost of the infrastructure over a decreasing base of users.

Jim’s Building Inspectors are currently investigating the application of existing thermal imaging technology in response to the increasing maintenance burden of solar cells on roofs.

Thermal imaging cameras currently used in building inspections across Adelaide to help identify everything from rising damp to termite damage can now be used to identify defective solar cells within panels and those that are damaged and underperforming.




Top 100 postcodes making money from Solar

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Industrial Agribusiness Complex for Adelaide’s North


If you are at all into industrial and commercial property you may be interested to know that plans have been progressing to establish an Agribusiness Precinct in the north of Adelaide to service the demand for Chinese wine from the region.

Portavin which has a Chinese owned partner as well as local investors have been packaging and bottling wine, sending about a million bottles (that’s like 80 shipping containers) a month there from their existing base in Port Adelaide.

The Australian Financial Review reports that the investment may be worth $70million and would include facilities for processing, cold storage, logistics, and other operations. Having all of the activities of the Adelaide based activities in one location would create significant efficiencies.

The location of the Northern Adelaide Industrial Precinct to Port Adelaide is a prime advantage.



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